Donald Trump: Story Claiming Sarah Sanders Leaving the White House ‘Fake News’

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

President Donald Trump dismissed a report on Friday claiming his press secretary Sarah Sanders was leaving the White House as “fake news.”

“I read the same report … It is fake news,” Trump said about the CBS story claiming Sanders was ready to exit the Trump administration.

The president made his comments in an interview on Fox and Friends on the White House lawn.

Trump said that Sanders was “insulted” by the report and that she “loves this job.”

Trump admitted that at some point Sanders would leave, but that he would hire someone to replace her.

“You know look at a certain point everyone sort of leaves, you have to leave,” he said. “I’m sort of just standing like a ship, just keep going, bing, bing, but Sarah loves this job.”

“The press treats Sarah very unfairly,” Trump said.

He specifically pointed out the comedian at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner who mocked Sanders for her looks, saying he would have “walked out.”

“I think Sarah is really a good person and a nice person, very capable,” Trump said. “She’s got a lot of her father’s genes because her father is great.”