WATCH: Angel Mom Calls Media ‘Nothing But Shameful’ in 6 Years Since Illegal Alien Killed Son

Angel mom Sabine Durden called media coverage and politicians’ actions “shameful” when it comes to ignoring the families of Americans killed by illegal aliens in an exclusive video interview with Breitbart News the day she met with President Donald Trump in the Oval Office.

“Media coverage has been like … nothing but shameful,” said Durden, a legal immigrant from Germany. Her son Dominic went by the nickname “German chocolate” because of his black father and German mother. “I can’t say all of them, because Fox [News], Breitbart [News] have always been good to us, but I remember right after it happened, the local media, ABC or NBC came up and they interviewed … they were all interested.” 

That was before it was revealed that an illegal alien was responsible for killing Dominic Durden.

“As soon as I started finding out and talk about that it was an illegal [alien], they started disappearing,” said Durden.

“Nobody talked to me for three years,” except local Press-Enterprise reporter Brian Rokos and Breitbart News reporter Michelle Moons, Durden recounted. “Those were the only two.”

In June 2015, Durden was among a group of Americans who met with candidate Donald Trump to talk about their loved ones who had been killed by illegal aliens in the United States. After the private meeting, Trump appeared with them before television cameras gathered to cover him. Following brief remarks, he put each family member before the microphone, giving them the opportunity to tell their stories, in their own words, in front of cameras that showed up for him, but hadn’t shown up to cover their previous events.

Right after that meeting, CNN called Durden. They have only interviewed her twice in six years.

“In six years I’ve been on CNN twice and shockingly, on MSNBC once,” said Durden. She expressed sadness when “it became so clear to [her], not knowing the whole deal with media and politicians, that they try to keep [angel families’] stories away.”

During the 2016 RNC convention in Cleveland, Ohio, Durden took the stage alongside fellow angel parents Mary Ann Mendoza and Jamiel Shaw Sr. Durden has still not forgotten that CNN faded away from covering the convention when those three angel parents took that stage to tell the stories of their children killed by illegal aliens.

CNN and MSNBC both cut away from covering President Donald Trump’s event last Friday with angel families at the White House. As the family members began to take the podium to share the stories of their loved ones killed by illegal aliens. CNN host Brooke Baldwin complained about the parents voicing dismay over lack of media coverage as the network cut away in favor of covering a Texas facility housing illegal alien minors, according to the Washington Times.

“I now know that it’s because they don’t want their listeners and their viewers to really know what illegal immigration, illegal alien crime can do…,” said Durden.

“It’s one thing for somebody on Twitter tell me that my son was ‘well roadkill happens’ or ‘I’m glad you’re n***** son is dead.’ That’s one thing. I can block these people,” said Durden. “But when the media, that’s supposed to inform the public … when they hide our stories, when they hide our tragedies for their gain, it’s the same with politicians.”

Angel families told Breitbart News after their event with the President on Friday that they were swiftly met with hateful and derogatory messages from social media users.

“I see them cry for children that are not Americans and I get it, it’s horrible, no child should cry, but who’s crying for us?” Durden said of the media. 

She thanked God for Trump and his administration as they fight a “big battle right now.” 

Durden then expressed shame on “politicians that ignore [angel families], that try to minimize [angel families’] loss and try to explain it away, shame on them, because one day it could be their child on a slab in a morgue or in a coffin or in an urn.”

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