John Sununu Midterm Election Warning: ‘Don’t Take Lightly the Seed of Socialism’

Scott Eisen/Getty Images
Scott Eisen/Getty Images

Former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu warned conservatives against underestimating the threat of “socialism” via Democrats, offering his remarks in a Thursday interview on Breitbart News Daily with Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow.

Sununu warned of an ethos of left-wing censorship emanating from academia.

Sununu cautioned, “The faculty in this country have drifted towards a troublesome area in terms of opening up discussion in an academic sense on all issues, and if there is a single problem that scares me about the future of America, it is this idea that the leftist academy thinks it’s okay to consider issues non-debatable, and that is scary, and they’re teaching our kids.”


Sununu went on, “I’m almost 80, and unfortunately I get scared that I may have lived in the best 80 years of America unless we got some leadership that starts, in a smart way, dealing with these kinds of issues.”

Sununu added, “Don’t take lightly the seed of socialism that is taking root in the Democratic Party. If we don’t decisively win at the ballot box in November, those roots will get deeper and stronger over time.”

Sununu concluded, “[Democrats] will empower and embolden the academic community that leans that way. … It is so important to come out en masse and express opposition to this so they know this is not a fruitful path to chase.”

Sununu also advised conservatives to engage left-wing news media outlets such as CNN: “I occasionally go on CNN because I think that conservatives ought to not shun the media and the left, because we have to get our message out to people who watch those channels.”

Sununu added, “We have to do it in a style and a language that is attractive to the center in America, because we’ve got to bring the center back to supporting American values, and that should be the goal of conservatives around the country.”

Sununu quipped, “I thought it was worth the effort to try to go on [CNN] and preach a little of the faith to the heathens.”

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