Exclusive–Jim Jordan on Leaked Google Video: Anti-Conservative Bias Rampant Across Silicon Valley

Google CEO Sundar Pichai
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Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) said in an exclusive statement to Breitbart News on Thursday that Google’s “bias is not surprising” in the wake of a video that details their determination to thwart Trump’s populist agenda.

Breitbart News obtained an hour-long video featuring Google executives such as co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, as well as CEO Sundar Pichai and many other executives disparaging Trump voters and plotting ways to use their vast resources to thwart Trump’s populist agenda.

In the leaked video, Brin compared Trump supporters to fascists and extremists. He then asked his company what Google can do to ensure a “better quality of governance and decision-making.”

Media reports revealed earlier this week that Google tried to boost Latino voter turnout to help Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential election.

Congressman Jordan, who hopes to become the next Speaker of the House, told Breitbart News in an exclusive statement, “Facebook discriminated against conservatives in its news feed. Then Twitter shadow banned conservatives. Now we see that Google attempted to influence the 2016 election in ‘key states’ with a ‘silent donation,’ so this bias is not surprising.”

Jordan, as one of the premier conservatives in the House, has led the charge against social media censorship. Jordan told Breitbart News in an interview last week that Congress needs to hold the social media giants’ feet to the fire to draw attention to their censorship practices.

Congressman Jordan explained:

Step one is to draw attention to it. We do need to have congressional hearings to highlight, underscore what is taking place. In our situation, there are 435 members of the House, 100 members of the Senate, 535. Four were shadowbanned by Twitter.

In the interview, Jordan pointed out that the only members of Congress that were “shadowbanned” by Twitter were Republicans.

“These just happen to be Gaetz, Nunes, Meadows, and Jordan. Four guys probably seen as the most active on the FBI/DOJ investigation on how they handle the Trump-Russia investigation,” the Ohio conservative added.

Jordan also suggested that these companies cannot claim to be an open platform and censor conservative and alternative viewpoints at the same time.

Rep. Jordan continued:

Well, they are private companies, they can run your company the way you want. At the same time, you can’t put yourself out there as an open platform where all ideas, conservative and liberal, are welcome. You can’t say that and then not actually have that happen. So if you’re a private company and you want to censor certain types of speech, then you can do that. But then you’re much more of a newspaper than an open platform.

In a separate interview in August, Jordan suggested that if these companies continue to censor in this manner, Congress will take action.

Congressman Jordan charged, “If they are going to continue to do this, we are going to do a different approach to this sort of organization.”


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