EXCLUSIVE – Watch: Family Research Council Ads Target Democrats McCready, Bredesen, McCaskill for Mob Tactics

The Family Research Council is launching ads in Missouri, North Carolina, and Tennessee — ads with a comical twist targeting Democrats as “ultimate social justice warriors” who are opposed to President Donald Trump, his supporters and the conservative principles guiding his agenda.

The ads running in opposition to Democrats Dan McCready in North Carolina, Phil Bredesen in Tennessee and Claire McCaskill in Missouri (watch above), draw on the left’s recent mob tactics of confronting lawmakers, Trump administration officials and regular Americans in public and even at their homes.

“So yeah, I’m happy with my tax cut,” a man says in the ads. “I like President Trump.”

Suddenly the “ultimate social warrior” jumps the man.

“Watch your mouth,” the warrior shouts. “This is a safe space!”

“Conservatives are a threat,” he says. “Liberal outrage never hurt anybody.”

The violence continues as conservatives express support for the Second Amendment and love for their country and are attacked for their values and beliefs.

“Don’t be afraid of liberals,” the ads say, encouraging viewers to vote against McCready, Bredesen, and McCaskill.

McCready is running against Republic Mark Harris in North Carolina, and political observers are calling the race a “toss-up.”

In Tennessee Bredesen is facing Republican Marsha Blackburn for a Senate seat and a recent Vanderbilt University poll showed them each getting 45 percent of likely voters.

Real Clear Politics also called the race between McCaskill and Republican Josh Hawley a “toss-up.”

The ads are paid for by the Family Research Center’s Political Action Committee, the Faith, Family, and Freedom Fund.

Watch the ad for Dan McCready:

Watch the ad for Phil Bredesen:

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