Democrat Menendez Supporter Hurls Racial Slurs at African-American, Latino Republicans

New Jersey Senate Debate
Republican National Committee

A supporter of Democrat Bob Menendez (D-NJ) was caught on camera spewing racist insults at African-American and Latino Republicans at a New Jersey Senate debate last Wednesday in Newark, NJ.

The video, captured by the Republican National Committee, shows an African-American man holding a Menendez campaign sign telling a Latino Republican, “You’re going to be deported. You’re going to be sent back to your hometown. Believe that.”

“You are a coon, man. You have to go,” said the Menedez supporter to the African-American Republican. “You gotta go. You have to go.”

Amidst the racial slurs, the African-American Republican asks the Menendez supporter to “name one stance” of Menendez’s that he supports. The Menendez supporter does not respond and continues to hurl insults at the Republican.

Near the end of the video, the Menendez supporter can be heard saying, “I’m gonna stand here, but you gotta go.”

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