Moms for America Visit Border: Illegal Immigration Is Hurting Women and Children

Texas-Mexico Border, Moms Caravan to the Border
AP/Moms for America

A group of moms from across the United States are traveling to Texas to meet with mothers who live on the U.S. border with Mexico. The coalition is calling for the federal government to secure the border so that the thousands of migrants marching through Mexico aren’t allowed to enter the country.

Moms for America will hold a press conference on Sunday to express their support for sending the military to the border, the construction of a wall on the border, and for federal immigration law to be enforced to protect American families from criminals or other bad actors who could be embedded in the migrant caravan.

“Women and children are most at risk on both sides of the border,” Kimberly Fletcher, founder and president of Moms for America told Breitbart News. “Our lack of border security has actually created an industry which brutalizes women, criminalizes children, and rips families apart.”

She also questioned why men who are seeking asylum because their home country is too dangerous are leaving behind their wives and children to fend for themselves.

“Human trafficking, drug trafficking, rape trees, abandoned women and children — those are the things mothers are suffering from on the other side of the border,” Fletcher said.

Fletcher said it is time that mothers be heard on a topic that affects their families and communities.

“Moms have a powerful influence in our country and culture — in fact, they are the most powerful influence,” said Fletcher, who started the organization to highlight the importance of mothers and to give conservative women a voice.

“When you start any conversation with ‘as a Mom’ people listen,” Fletcher said. “It’s time we bring common sense to this issue — mommy sense!”

Fletcher said hundreds of mothers have expressed support of the moms’ caravan, even if they can’t travel to the border.

“They feel this is their opportunity to bring common sense to the issue, to share their fear and frustrations and hope government officials will listen, fix this broken system, and make protecting women and children on both of sides of the border their highest priority by securing our borders,” Fletcher said.

She said women from across the country have shared their stories on the Moms for America website, and others have contacted Fletcher and her team.

“We spoke with a teacher who said they are inundated with illegal aliens in their schools,” Fletcher said. “The schools are required to accept them, and the teachers are required to accommodate them, providing special classes and interpreters.”

“If they object or even express concerns, they are reprimanded,” Fletcher said. “They fear losing their jobs if they say anything.”

Another mother said her children witnessed a group of men coming out of a ravine in a border city while waiting for their school bus.

The Moms for America press conference will take place in McAllen, Texas at 2:30 p.m. central time on Sunday and will be livestreamed on their Facebook page.

Following the press conference, the group will caravan by car for the two-mile trip to the border.

“All we are asking is for our government to protect us,” Fletcher said. “So that we can feel safe in our homes and communities.”

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