Leftist NY Mag Reporter: Wall Support Based on ‘Hateful’ ‘Breitbart Type Worldview’

Joe Raedle/Getty Images
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

New York Magazine‘s Olivia Nuzzi — a regular CNN guest and alumnus of the Daily Beast — repeatedly denied that ideologically left wing or partisan Democrat politics shape her professional conduct as a reporter during a Saturday interview on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal with Steve Scully. Four of five of the show’s callers-in, however, rejected Nuzzi’s pretense of political objectivity and non-partisanship in her ostensible reporting.

Jeffrey from Michigan said, “This lady is saying that Donald Trump has gotten nothing done. Tax reform, record low unemployment for a lot of people, a lot of people are getting more money in their pocket, and I think the country is safer, now. I don’t know where this lady is coming from.”

John from Indiana opined:

Our family used to be lifelong Democrats, but people like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have just destroyed the party, and it seems like even this young lady here, she’s damning the president, and it seems like he is the first person that has ever tried to help us, the people. Now, if the Democrats would get back to basics, find somebody decent to run, maybe somebody with a little common sense instead of [wanting] to fight … They want to downgrade people. Ma’am, you really need to think about what you say.

Elaina from Texas stated:

That lady seems not to like Donald Trump. I mean, I didn’t vote for him, but I live by the border and I can see all of these things that are wrong with not having something to deter these people from coming into the United States. They’re illegal. I don’t care what anybody says. … By the time they get over here, they know where to get all the benefits. …  I’m sorry, but this lady, I do not agree with her. She seems not to like Donald Trump. Apparently she’s a Democrat. I used to be a Democrat, too. However, I left them because they are not doing anything for the people.

Randy from Alabama remarked, “I’d just like to ask that lady a question, who’s on there — Everything that’s wrong in Washington has to do with the news reporters. They can’t tell the truth. You can’t read their news. So why should people listen to this lady up here talking?”

Nuzzi said of her writing and commentary: “It is not motivated by an ideology, but it is motivated by a worldview.” Scully did not ask her Nuzzi to distinguish between ideology and worldview.

“I think it’s very clear I’m not a partisan person,” added Nuzzi.

While offering analysis of Capitol Hill’s politics related to President Donald Trump’s stated support for construction of a southern border wall, Nuzzi said:

I think that the reason Democrats cannot support this, even if they did support some sort of barrier in the past, is because it’s just become associated with this hateful worldview that the president has been perpetuating since he began running for office. I think it’s an impossible position for any Democrat, right now, to support funding a border wall.

Nuzzi later linked what she dubbed a “hateful worldview” with a “Breitbart type of worldview.”

While denying any left-wing or partisan Democrat biases on her part, Nuzzi labelled Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh as “very far-right.”

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