People for the American Way Defend ‘Banning Rapid-Fire Ammunition’

In this photo taken Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2016, 5.56 millimeter ammunition waits to be fired in an M-4 carbine rifle while U.S. Army recruits take live-fire marksmanship training at Fort Jackson, S.C. As gun ownership among young Americans drops and the Army trains a new generation more accustomed to blasting …
AP/Gerry Broome

The People for the American Way (PFAW) are defending the New Jersey “high capacity” magazine ban, which they present as a ban on “rapid-fire ammunition.”

However, the ban is not about types of ammunition, per se, but about types of magazines.

On December 10, 2018, Breitbart News reported that the ban–which took effect December 11–makes the mere possession of “high capacity” magazines a felony. Even keeping such a magazine in one’s own home is illegal under the ban.

Nevertheless, PFAW describes a ban on magazine capacity as a ban on “rapid-fire ammunition.” They do not explain what “rapid-fire ammunition” is–whether it is ammunition for a Glock 9mm, a Smith & Wesson .380, or a Rock Island Armory 10mm. The only clue they give is their emphasis on “assault weapons,” a moniker the left uses to describe semiautomatic rifles.

If, in fact, they support the ban because they believe it blocks people from having ammunition for semiautomatic rifles they are making two mistakes: 1. The ban is not on ammunition. Rather, as state above, it is on magazine capacity. 2. Far and away the most commonly owned semiautomatic, magazine-fed firearms are pistols, not rifles.

So in their zeal to disarm semiautomatic rifles they are undermining law-abiding citizens’ ability to have the amount of ammo they need to defend their own lives and the lives of their family.

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