Exclusive–Watch: David Harris Jr. ‘The Crisis at Our Southern Border Is Real’

Author David Harris Jr. told Breitbart News someone’s “whole viewpoint” regarding the border can change the moment a loved one has been harmed or killed by someone who was not supposed to be in the country.

David Harris Jr., the author of the book Why I Couldn’t Stay Silent, spoke to Breitbart in Los Angeles, California, at Candace Owens’ first ever Blexit event of 2019, where he said that “enough is enough” with regards to illegal immigration, and that the American people need to understand the serious negative impact unsecured borders have on the United States.

“I’m the exception to the rule of angel families,” said Harris Jr., whose wife was almost killed by an illegal alien in 2007, “We hear so much — and too many stories from angel families that have actually lost loved ones — it doesn’t seem, to me, that America understands what’s at stake.”

“When something happens personally, to you, or somebody that’s in your family, then you react,” continued Harris Jr., adding that someone’s entire viewpoint — as well as which elected officials they support — can change once they personally know somebody who has been attacked by an individual who was never supposed to be in the country.

“I really think it’s going to take the American people hearing enough stories, and waking up to the fact that the crisis is real,” added Harris Jr. “I almost lost my wife, my two daughters almost lost their mother, and it would have totally destroyed my life,” he said.

With regards to abortion, and the disproportionate affect it has on the black community, Harris Jr. said that Americans need to understand that science has drastically improved since abortion became legal.

“We didn’t have the knowledge that we have now,” said Harris Jr., “They used to think it was a cluster of cells in a woman’s body, and so they treat it like a tumor.”

“Now, we know there’s a heartbeat at eight weeks — we know they have fully formed fingers and toes at ten weeks, and can feel pain. So, that should completely change the narrative of anybody’s perspective,” continued Harris Jr.

“When the black community understands that 70 percent of the babies that are killed by Planned Parenthood are black, that’s a genocide,” added Harris Jr. “What black American would be for that? It doesn’t make any sense to me — I think people need to understand the facts. People need to know what’s going on.”

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