NYT’s Charles Blow: Border Wall ‘Monument to White Supremacy’

Charles Blow CNN

New York Times columnist Charles Blow said on Sunday that a border wall on the U.S.-Mexico border would be a “monument to white supremacy.”

He also accused President Donald Trump of using the border wall for “theater” to bait “white people against people who are not white.”

“And so you keep sending more troops to the southern border because of the brown people,” Blow said on CNN. “You want to build this wall, you know, this monument to white supremacy, as a medieval wall along the border because it’s about brown people.”

Blow said that many people who are in the country illegally “came on legitimate visas” and “did not come over the southern border.” He added that “many of those people are not brown.” The Times columnist, who has on multiple occasions called Trump a racist, said Trump also wants to target the visa lottery program because the visa lottery benefits immigrants from African countries.

Blow also went on Twitter and said anyone who ignores or defends “Trump’s racism” is also “a racist.”

“If you still ignore, support or defend Trump’s racism at this point, you too are a racist,” Blow tweeted. “I don’t care if you are a cheerful grandma who bakes cookies for the children’s Sunday school class. You too! #ThereIsNoMiddleGround.”


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