Braun and Scott’s bill acts similarily to previously legislation the Indiana senator proposed. In January, Sen. Braun told Breitbart News exclusively that introduced his “No Budget, No Pay” bill which would block any lawmaker from receiving a paycheck if Congress does not pass a budget.

Hoosier told Breitbart News about the No Budget, No Pay bill:

When I decided to run, I also decided to sign the term limits bill. I signed a pledge as a senator, and I’ll be forthright here: we don’t send the cream of the crop to D.C., and I said that many times and that’s because most people that have really done something in the real world are not going to give up that to build a career in politics. I think that if you take the money out of it, you certainly get a better average individual coming here in Congress and certainly here in the Senate if you had term limits.

“Our job in Congress is to serve the American people, and not enrich ourselves with special taxpayer-funded benefits,” Braun said in his op-ed for Fox News. “By ending congressional taxpayer-funded pensions, we will take one more step toward draining the swamp in Washington.”