Tom Steyer: Trump ‘Biggest Crisis for America in a Generation’

Tom Steyer, Donald Trump
AP Photos

Appearing on MSNBC with anchor Ali Velshi Tuesday, progressive billionaire and Need to Impeach founder Tom Steyer claimed President Donald Trump is the “biggest crisis for American in a generation.”

A partial transcript is as follows:

ALI VELSHI: Let’s take a look at a poll. CNN/Des Moines Register has a poll that came out that was taken between March 3-6 and it talks about the issues that caucus-goers want candidates to talk a lot about. Health care tops the list. Climate change, which I know is a topic close to your heart, is right there with health care, then it goes to income inequality, immigration, race relations, job creation, student debt. Anyway, we have to go way down to get to impeachment, which is about 22 percent. Is there a concern that talk of impeachment displaces talk of guns, talk of climate change, talk of health care?

TOM STEYER: Well, I believe that this president is the biggest crisis for America in a generation. And I believe that when people get a chance through hearings, like the hearing with Mr. Cohen in front of the House Oversight Committee, Americans will be glued to their TV sets. They will, in fact, see with their own eyes directly how lawless this president is, and they will insist that he be removed from office. But, they have to have public hearings to be able to see it on TV and make up their own minds.


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