Donald Trump: Twitter Helps Me Communicate Past ‘Fake and Corrupt’ Media

A smartphone shows a tweet by US President Donald Trump saying 'Tremendous success tonight' after most of the result of the US midterm elections were called by US Media on November 06, 2018 in Washington, DC. - President Donald Trump called Tuesday's midterm congressional elections a 'tremendous success,' despite his …

President Donald Trump defended his decision to share his thoughts publicly on Twitter on Wednesday.

“I think that Twitter is a way that we can get out the word when we have a corrupt media. And it is corrupt and it’s fake,” Trump said. “So Twitter is a way that I can get out the word. Because our media is so dishonest. A lot of it. The mainstream. They don’t want to report the facts.”

The president responded to White House reporters who asked him about his Twitter habits as he left the White House.

Old media reports focused intently on Trump’s Twitter behavior especially after he sent or retweeted 50 different messages on Saturday and Sunday.

CNN described Sunday as Trump’s “craziest day ever on Twitter” after the president attacked John McCain for spreading the phony Russia dossier, urged Fox News to fight political correctness, ripped General Motors for closing a plant in Ohio, and blasted Saturday Night Live for biased comedy.

Trump told reporters that that on five different social media platforms he had over 100 million followers.

“It’s a way I that can get honesty out because there is tremendous dishonesty with respect to the fake news media,” he said.


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