Donald Trump Ridicules ‘Bullshit’ Media Sourcing on Iran Reports

Trump Ridicules Media Nicholas Kamm AFPGetty Images
Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images

President Donald Trump ridiculed the establishment media on Friday for publishing stories claiming infighting and dissent in the administration over what to do in Iran.

“They say, ‘confidential sources,’ do you ever notice? They never write the names of people anymore,” he said. “Everything is ‘a source says’ – There is no source, the person doesn’t exist, the person’s not alive, it’s bullshit, ok? It’s bullshit!”

The president made his remarks about the media during a speech to the National Association of Realtors in Washington, DC. The audience laughed, applauded, and cheered wildly in response to Trump’s remarks about the media.

“They put out messages that I’m angry with my people, I’m not angry with … I make my own decisions,” Trump said. “Mike Pompeo is doing a great job, (John) Bolton is doing a great job, but they make it sound like a conflict.”

Trump ridiculed the notion that enough people who were actually in the room for a meeting would actually speak to reporters in detail.

“They make it up, these are bad people, these are people, that’s why I came up with the term ‘fake news’,” he said.

But Trump suggested that there might be a bright side to the ongoing news about what he was planning to do with Iran.

“They put out so many false messages that Iran is totally confused, that might be a good thing,” he said.


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