Donald Trump: Social Media Allows Us to Fight Fake News and Fake Polling

trump social media twitter
Associated Press, BNN Edit

President Donald Trump praised the power of social media on Wednesday, employing it to criticize polling from the establishment media.

“The Fake News has never been more dishonest than it is today,” he wrote on Twitter. “Thank goodness we can fight back on Social Media.”

Trump criticized reporting from the New York Times that said his re-election campaign had bad internal polling numbers which the president ordered suppressed.

“The Fake (Corrupt) News Media said they had a leak into polling done by my campaign which, by the way, and despite the phony and never-ending Witch Hunt, are the best numbers WE have ever had,” Trump wrote. “They reported Fake numbers that they made up & don’t even exist.”

Trump criticized the establishment media for employing “fake polling” to try to suppress the vote.

“Their new weapon of choice is Fake Polling, sometimes referred to as Suppression Polls (they suppress the numbers),” he wrote. “Had it in 2016, but this is worse.”



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