Susan Rice: Trump Doing ‘Whatever the Hell He Wants’ ‘Exceedingly Dangerous’

Friday at the “Aspen Security Forum,” MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell interviewed former Obama administration National Security Adviser Susan Rice.

Mitchell asked, “The president, the White House, was inviting Vladimir Putin to a return summit… the national security advisor had not known about it, and to the best of my reporting, the secretary of state had not been informed of that as well. There was no discussion. It was basically Putin to Trump to Sarah Sanders, send out a tweet. How damaging is that in terms of the way we conduct foreign policy, the way other leaders view the opportunity to exploit and flatter this president into making snap decisions?”

Rice said, “The president wakes up and does whatever the hell he wants to do on any given day, on any given moment, without the benefit of the input and wisdom of his experts on the national security team and the experts in the interagency.  And that is exceedingly dangerous, and it makes him very malleable. It makes him subject to his own whims and also the manipulations of adversary and friends alike.”

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