Trump Supporter Organizes ‘Trash Clean Up’ in Baltimore

Baltimore Decay
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After President Donald Trump criticized Rep. Elijah Cummings’ (D-MD) “filthy” Baltimore district, one of Trump’s ardent supporters, Scott Presler, announced a “trash clean up” in the city.

“Next week, I’m coming to Baltimore,” Presler wrote in a tweet. “I’m organizing a trash clean up in the city.”

Presler also invited others to join in on the cleanup process and said, “If you’re free on a week day, after work, please comment below for more details.”

“I’ve had so many volunteers reach out to me, it’s been overwhelming,” Presler stated in a separate tweet. “Also, a very kind gentleman is willing to sponsor dumpsters for us.”

Speaking to Breitbart News, Presler said he is “taking action” to assist with the cleanup process of Baltimore instead of “just tweeting or complaining about the situation.”

“President Trump has brought attention to Baltimore and how the city needs help,” Presler told Breitbart News. “So, instead of just tweeting or complaining about the situation, we are taking action to actually clean up the city.”

Presler said he has been contacted by several people across America who are willing to participate in the cleanup process.

“With one tweet yesterday, I’ve received so many volunteer requests, I haven’t even had time to message everyone back,” Presler said. “We have people coming from Virginia Beach, Virginia, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as well as local Baltimore residents.”

Initially, Presler said he did not believe he would receive such an “overwhelming response” and had planned to travel to Baltimore alone to clean up trash.

“Quite honestly, I was willing to come to Baltimore, alone, to pick up trash,” Presler said. “I had no idea I would have received such an overwhelming response from the community.”

In regards to the community’s immediate response, he added, “It shows that this is all about love.”

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