Bill de Blasio: Abortion Is a ‘Sacred Choice for Women’

Bill de Blasio
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Democrat presidential hopeful and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio joined Sean Hannity on Fox News Channel’s Hannity Wednesday night, where he claimed abortion is a “sacred choice for women.”

Asked whether he supports any restrictions on abortion, de Blasio replied, “I believe in Roe v. Wade. I believe the decision is between a woman and her doctor.”

Pressed further on the topic, with the mention of late-term abortions, de Blasio continued to deflect and said, “What you’re gonna do, and I respect that this is your job, I have a job to do, too. Your job is to try and make this sometimes a cartoon and I’m trying to tell you this is about a woman’s right to choose, which is under attack right now.”

With no clear answer, Hannity pressed de Blasio once more.

“Do you think a woman in the ninth month, putting aside health, putting aside life of the mother, do you support any restrictions until the baby is born? That’s a simple question,” Hannity asked.

“I believe it’s a smokescreen, because it doesn’t happen in America,” de Blasio replied. “Women make this choice, it’s a sacred choice. It’s a sacred choice for women.”

“It’s a very difficult choice, a very personal choice, and what we need to respect is that’s not a choice any woman wants to make,” de Blasio added. “And the law — overwhelmingly Americans believe in protecting the right to choose.”

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