Flashback–Watch: Democrat John Bel Edwards Threatened to Cancel College Football

The Louisiana Republican Party released an ad Friday, reminding voters that Louisiana Democrat Gov. John Bel Edwards threatened to cancel college football if the state legislature did not pass a budget raising taxes on Louisianans.

As the Louisiana gubernatorial election and Louisiana college football start to heat up, the Louisiana Republican Party released a new ad Friday, reminding voters that Edwards once threatened to cancel college football if state Republican lawmakers did not raise taxes.

In a televised address in 2016, Edwards said that if the state Republican lawmakers did not approve his budget raising taxes, “you can say farewell to college football.”

Louisiana GOP Communications Director Jason Harbison said in a statement Friday that Edwards continues to hope that voters will forget his “temper tantrum” as they head toward the ballot box this fall.

“Last year, John Bel Edwards was threatening to kick seniors out of nursing homes and cancel college football if he didn’t get to raise taxes,” Harbison said.

Since Edwards threatened to cancel college football in 2016, he announced in August that he would require state taxpayer funds to upgrade the New Orleans Saints Superdome stadium.

Breitbart News reported:

This week, Edwards, a Democrat, announced plans to support the gift of $93 million in state taxpayers funds and the issuance of $210 million in state-guaranteed bonds as part of a $450 million plan to upgrade the Superdome, home to the Saints football and other major sporting events, and cement an agreement that would keep the NFL’s New Orleans Saints in the city for another 30 years.

“Now he is hoping we forgot about his temper tantrum. The people of Louisiana remember his childish threats. This fall, we fire John Bel Edwards,” Harbinson added.

Sean Moran is a congressional reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter @SeanMoran3.


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