Arabella Advisors’ Front Groups Behind Push for Federally Funded Abortions

(AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli, File)
AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli, File

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The massively funded Arabella Advisors strategy company, which uses a web of fronts to push the interests of wealthy leftist donors, has been quietly behind key activism seeking to allow the use of federal funds to pay for abortions.

Arabella Advisors is a centralized hub that runs nonprofit arms that in turn have spawned a nexus of hundreds of front organizations outwardly designed to appear grassroots but actually working against ordinary people by expanding government control in the lives of Americans.

Arabella’s vast network was unmasked in an extensive exposé by conservative watchdog Capital Research Center, which documents the shadowy system developed by, housed in and staffed by the for-profit, privately held Arabella Advisors.

The Arabella firm in turn manages four nonprofits: the New Venture Fund, Sixteen Thirty Fund, Windward Fund, and Hopewell Fund. These nonprofit entities play host to hundreds of groups and projects that promote interests and political movements strategically deployed in a long-term campaign to nudge the country to the left.

Arabella’s New Venture Fund maintains a project calling itself All Above All, which advocates for Congress to overturn the Hyde Amendment, the 1976 legislative provision that bans the use of federal funds for abortions with the exception only of extreme cases.

In 2017, All Above All and the lobbying arm of Arabella’s Sixteen Thirty Fund got behind the Equal Access to Abortion Coverage in Health Insurance (“EACH Woman”) bill, which sought to “ensure abortion coverage and care through the federal government” in Medicaid and Medicare. The bill also would have stopped state legislatures from restricting abortion coverage as part of private health plans.

The New Venture Fund also sponsors the Women’s Equality Center, which helps create strategic messaging to market pro-abortion campaigns.

The Capital Research Center report further documented, “The Center, in turn, nominally manages Keep Birth Control Copay Free (both are in reality part of New Venture Fund), which lobbies the government to force private health insurers to provide copay-free birth control coverage.”

Arabella Advisors has been quietly behind a hydra-like dark money network of pop-up groups designed to look like grassroots activist organizations, Capital Research’s report reveals. These front groups push everything from opposition to President Trump’s proposed border wall to support for Obamacare to gun control to government control of the Internet to advocating for a liberal Supreme Court and other left-wing causes.

Read the full Arabella report here.


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