Elizabeth Warren: Ban ‘Deadly’ Firearm Suppressors

THURMONT, MD - MARCH 12: There's burst of smoke and ejecting shell as A.J. Wynne shoots a Heckler & Koch MP 5 short barrel rifle with a suppressor. A.J. Wynne is a former Marine who now works as a firearms instructor. He spent the afternoon target practicing with a variety …
Michael S. Williamson/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Democrat presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren’s overarching gun control plan includes a ban on firearm suppressors.

The plan is posted on her campaign page, where she pledges to “[prohibit] accessories that make weapons more deadly.”

She does not grapple with the fact that a suppressor has been used in only one mass shooting during the 21st century, the May 31, 2019, Virginia Beach attack, And even then, the New York Times reported witnesses heard the attacker’s gunshots as he moved through the building.

The left presents suppressors as devices that silence gunshots, yet in reality suppressors simply reduce the sharp, ear-splitting sound wave accompanies the sound of a bullet being fired. The sound of the gunshot is very much audible, even with a suppressor attached.

Pertinent to the Virginia Beach shooting was the fact it occurred in a part of the building that was mandated gun-free for city employees. This means the gunman had every advantage, with or without a suppressor, inasmuch as his victims could not shoot back.

The Crime Prevention Research Center examined mass public shootings for the time period of 1950 to May 2018 and found that 97.8 percent of them occurred in gun-free zones. Yet Warren’s to-do list for ending gun violence says nothing about abolishing gun-free zones so Americans can exercise their Second Amendment right to self-defense.

Warren did, however, mention banning “trigger cranks” along with suppressors.

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