Exclusive – Rep. Mark Walker Organizing Effort to Send Adam Schiff Lumps of Coal

Adam Schiff, Mark Walker
Walker4NC, AP Photo

Rep. Mark Walker (R-NC), vice chairman of the House Republican Conference, is organizing an effort to allow the American public to send Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) lumps of coal for Christmas.

A not-yet-announced website reads, “Adam Schiff is on the naughty list this year for leading a sham impeachment!”

People can send Schiff a lump of coal by donating to Walker’s re-election campaign. Donation amounts can be as little as $10, though a $30 donation gets them a T-shirt with Schiff emblazoned on the front as the Grinch. “You’re a mean one Mr. Schiff,” the green T-shirts say.

Adam Schiff-Grinch

The lumps of coal will be sourced from a North Carolina company and be sent in the donor’s name.

Schiff, as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, is leading the impeachment inquiry on behalf of House Democrats.

Republicans have blasted Schiff for orchestrating an unfair impeachment inquiry process.

Schiff began the inquiry with closed-door depositions of witnesses, which allowed for leaks to media but did not allow for Republicans to discuss them.

The impeachment inquiry rules also allowed for Schiff to veto hearing witnesses requested by Republicans, or for Democrats to vote them down.

Republicans have requested that Schiff himself testify for the impeachment inquiry, since Schiff has refused Republican requests to subpoena the whistleblower and his staff are the only ones in Congress who know who the whistleblower is, and have had interactions with him before he filed a whistleblower complaint.

So far, not one Republican has come out in favor of impeachment of President Trump, and recent polls show that it has lost public support since the hearings began.


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