VIDEO: Kamala Harris Tries to Cook Her Way to the Top with Mindy Kaling

Kamala Harris, Mindy Kaling
Kamala Harris/YouTube

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) participated in yet another lengthy cooking video in an apparent attempt to appeal to voters, teaming up with actress Mindy Kaling and prepping Indian food in the star’s home.

Harris, in need of boosting her appeal nationally, teamed up with Kaling, meeting the actress in her home to cook dosa and potato curry and bond over their shared heritage.

“I love that you’re coming through the kitchen already, like you live here,” Kaling said, embracing Harris.

“Of course I’m coming through the kitchen. That’s what we do,” Harris said.

“So we’re both Indian,” Kaling explained. “But actually, we’re both South Indian.”

“Yes, you look like the entire one half of my family,” Harris said.

“I’ve been telling people we’re related already so this is perfect,” Kaling joked.

Harris talked about the South Indian food she grew up eating — listing rice, yogurt, potato curry, dal, and idli — before Kaling announced the food they would be making together.

“One of the South Indian staples is dosa, which is kind of like a sourdough crepe. And then we’re gonna make a potato curry which is the traditional accompaniment,” she explained as the two continued to talk about their shared heritage.

“This is exactly what my mother would do,” Harris said of the spices in the Taster’s Choice jars. “So when I walked in and saw this, literally, I didn’t know it was actually a thing among our people”:

The video showed Harris putting her culinary skills on display and Kaling marveling over them.

“That’s a fine chop,” Kaling said, clearly impressed by the presidential hopeful’s ability to finely chop an onion.

“OK, Sen. Harris, I say this with respect, you’re kind of a show-off,” she said, prompting tremendous laughter from Harris.

“It’s like, meanwhile it’s taking me 20 minutes to do this much ginger. OK, what can’t she do? You got my vote,” Kaling said.

The moment was reminiscent of a scene from the six-minute baking video Harris posted this month, which highlighted the presidential hopeful’s ability to proudly crack an egg with one hand.

The video also showed Harris meeting Kaling’s father and ended with the actress and senator testing the final product together.

“I would give this a hard B minus,” Kaling said.

“But the flavor is very nice,” Harris agreed.

“Thank you. I was nervous cooking in front of you,” Kaling said as Harris complimented her cooking skills.

“Maybe when you’re in the White House, I can come and cook you a meal,” the actress said.

“Thank you so much for cooking in my home with me,” she continued, prompting a back and forth of pleasantries.

“I’m so glad to be with you,” Harris said.

“I’m so honored and excited to vote for you,” Kaling exclaimed, prompting a side hug from the senator.

“Aww, you’re the best,” Harris gushed.

This is not the first time Harris has tried to improve her likability by participating in cooking videos. This month, Harris posted a six-minute video baking “famous monster cookies” with a 17-year-old supporter named Avery in Iowa. The video was fraught with small talk and ended with Harris marveling over the cookie’s texture.

“Oh, look at how that just bends, right?” Harris marveled.

“It’s just a peanut butter, oatmeal, chocolate chip cookie in one,” she said in awe. “I now realize what this is”:

Harris’s cooking videos have done little to help her in the polls. According to Real Clear Politics, Harris is averaging just 3.3 percent support in Iowa, 2 percent in New Hampshire, 4 percent in Nevada, 6.3 percent in South Carolina, 8 percent in her home state of California, and 4 percent nationally.


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