Exclusive–Bradley Byrne: The Impeachment Hoax Is Exposed

Samuel Corum/Getty Images

This week, just days before Christmas, Democrats are going to take the radical step of impeaching President Trump despite the lack of evidence of any wrongdoing – a crooked process run by Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler amid opposition from a majority of the American people.

It’s clear that this entire process isn’t about following the law, but rather about partisan politics and undoing the 2016 election.

Democrats know they cannot defeat President Trump at the ballot box in November 2020, so they created a sham process to try to smear him. Ultimately, this whole impeachment hoax is a carefully orchestrated operation to stage a coup against President Trump. Representative Al Green (D-TX) even admitted just that, saying, “If we don’t impeach this president, he will get reelected.” Chairman Jerry Nadler said just last week that “we cannot wait for the election” to remove President Trump.

While Speaker Pelosi may have the votes from her Democrats to push impeachment through the House, I am proud to have stood up against this abuse, defended the President, and helped set the stage for his total exoneration in the Senate. 

I have spent my entire life fighting against corruption and standing up for what’s right. In Alabama, I stood up to both Democrats and Republicans who used our state’s community college system to benefit themselves. Despite threats and intimidation, I helped send corrupt politicians to jail and brought accountability back to a system that was full of fraud and abuse.

I’ve used that same fighting spirit to tackle this impeachment sham. When this entire mess got started with the whistleblower complaint, I was one of the first to point out that the Democrats’ case was based on hearsay and flimsy speculation. The whistleblower was a partisan individual and his complaint was set up by Adam Schiff.

I was the first person in the House to introduce legislation requiring an investigation into Hunter Biden and his potentially corrupt activities in Ukraine. Unlike others, I was not afraid to stand up and say President Trump is right to investigate corruption. If the Democrats weren’t so hypocritical and actually cared about rooting out corruption, they would support investigating the Biden family too.

When Democrats hid their impeachment hearings in a small, dark room deep in the basement of the Capitol, I refused to stay quiet and let them walk all over House Republicans. I led a small group of my colleagues into that room, demanding transparency for the American people. I helped expose a wrong.

When Adam Schiff pretended to move the impeachment proceeding into the open, I pointed out that this was a carefully orchestrated charade, a march of Democrat controlled witnesses in front of the camera. There was no opportunity for President Trump to defend himself. These so-called public hearings would make the Russians blush.

Democrats are likely to impeach President Trump, but those that support President Trump and his agenda should take heart with where we are. The American people have seen through this sham. We even have sitting Democrat Congressmen, so embarrassed by their party’s actions on impeachment, that they’re considering switching parties.

Now is not the time for politicians who do nothing but talk. Even when this impeachment hoax is officially over, the Democrats will continue pushing their Socialist agenda. It is more important – now more than ever before – that we have leaders who have the spine to fight for what is right, no matter the consequences. 

Unfortunately, while I have been standing up for President Trump, Alabama’s Democrat Senator Doug Jones has fanned the flames of impeachment and repeatedly attacked President Trump, despite the record showing he did nothing wrong. 

I’m running for the Senate to defeat Doug Jones and give President Trump a real fighter for his MAGA agenda. Alabama needs someone who will stand up to the radical Democrats – just as I have done throughout this impeachment sham.


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