Trump: Schiff ‘Sweating Like A Dog’ Because He’s Losing Impeachment

Adam Schiff
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

President Donald Trump ridiculed House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff on Thursday at a campaign rally in Des Moines, Iowa.

Trump ridiculed Schiff as “sick,” “crazy,” and “shifty” during the rally.

“He’s a sick puppy, but you know what?” Trump asked. “Today I hit my highest poll numbers since I got elected.”

The president continued mocking Schiff, suggesting that he was having a hard time sleeping during the trial.

“He lies awake at night shifting and turning, shifty, shifting and turning in his bed, sweating like a dog,” Trump said.

Imitating Schiff’s voice, Trump continued mocking him, “‘How am I going to get him, he didn’t do anything wrong, how am I going to get him?'”

“What a sick guy he is,” Trump added.

The president spoke at the same time that Schiff was dramatically defending the Democrat case for impeaching Trump in the Senate impeachment trial.

The president mocked the process as “impeachment light.”

“That’s not going to work,” he said. “Watch. Just watch.”

He added, “Why am I not worried? I should be worried.”

The president recalled that people described the impeachment effort against President Richard Nixon and President Bill Clinton as a “dark period” for the country, but said his impeachment trial was much different.

“This is a happy period for us,” he said, as the crowd chanted, “USA!”

Trump boasted of all the achievements he had made for the United States and the state of Iowa, including the most recent USMCA trade deal, the trade deal with China, and the drone strike eliminating Iran’s Quds Force Commander Qasem Soleimani.

“While we’re proudly creating jobs and killing terrorists, congressional Democrats are consumed with partisan rage and obsessed with a deranged witch hunt hoax,” Trump said.


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