CPAC Chair Matt Schlapp: I Would Fear for Mitt Romney’s Safety at CPAC

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney speaks to attendees of the 37th Annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on February 18, 2010 in Washington, DC. Romney was introduced Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA). (Photo by Robert Giroux/Getty Images)
Robert Giroux/Getty Images

The chairman of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Matt Schlapp, said in a recent interview that he would fear for Sen. Mitt Romney’s (R-UT) “physical safety” if the Utah senator attended the annual conservative gathering.

Schlapp made the remarks during an interview with Greta Van Susteren on Full Court Press with Greta Van Susteren after Susteren asked Schlapp about the group’s decision not to invite Romney due to his vote to approve additional witnesses in the Senate impeachment trial.

“We won’t credential him as a conservative. I suppose if he wants to come as a nonconservative and debate an issue with us, maybe in the future we would have him come. This year, I’d actually be afraid for his physical safety, people are so mad at him,” Schlapp told Susteren on Sunday.

It is unclear if Romney had plans to attend the annual gathering.

“The biggest problem we have with Mitt Romney is not that he’s just an individual following his political course,” Schlapp said. “It’s the fact that he’s lied so continuously to conservatives.”

Romney was the only Republican in the Senate who voted to convict President Donald Trump on counts of obstruction of Congress and abuse of power. His votes angered a lot of conservatives, prompting CPAC not to extend an invitation to the Utah senator to attend the event.


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