Bernie Sanders Picks Up Key Endorsement from Influential Latino Group

Joined by members of Make the Road Action and his supporters, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), participates in a “March to the Polls” February 15, 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sen. Sanders continues to campaign for the upcoming Nevada Democratic presidential caucus. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)
Alex Wong/Getty Images

Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) picked up a key endorsement from the influential Latino group Mijente — the same group that hosted an event where Sanders vowed to halt deportations and provide Medicare for All and free college to illegal immigrants — days ahead of the highly-anticipated February 22 Nevada caucuses.

The group, which describes itself as a “political home for multi-racial Latinx and Chicanx people,” endorsed Sanders’ presidential bid on Tuesday, marking the first time the organization has issued a presidential endorsement.

“Trump’s re-election is a direct threat to our communities. Sen. @BernieSanders has a long history of progressive stances + consistently remains on side of working people,” the group wrote on social media. “That’s why we’re proud to endorse Sanders for president.”

“We need a president who will fight like hell for change that is long overdue & who will not quickly return to pre-Trump, quasi-progressive policies,” it continued.

“With over 70% of the vote, a majority of Mijente members agree that Sanders is the best path to mobilize Latinxs & beat Trump,” it added:

The group’s co-founder, Marisa Franco, said members chose Sanders after a series of meetings with candidates. Members ultimately voted on four options, which included endorsing Sanders, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), both, or no one.

“In the end, 70 percent of its members voted to endorse Sanders,” Politico reported.

The group affirmed its plans to mobilize supporters in Nevada days ahead of the caucuses, which could further boost Sanders’ performance among Latino voters in the Silver State. A recently released Telemundo poll showed Joe Biden (D) holding a slight edge among Latino voters in Nevada, with 34 percent to Sanders’ 31 percent. No other candidate came close.

Per Politico:

The organization will use its reach on social media, its roughly 1,000 dues-paying members and more than 300,000-person email list to mobilize Latinos to vote and hit the pavement for Sanders in Nevada and other states.

Sanders’ economic justice platform and moratorium on deportations were key to Mijente’s members in addition to Sanders’ exhaustive outreach to Latinos this cycle.

“Something that’s very appealing to people is his consistency and the concept of palabra,” said Franco, “And what that means in our community is giving people your ‘word.’”

Franco added that they did not choose Sanders to be a “savior,” adding, “We didn’t pick him to be the fixer of all things.”

The group also plans to assist Sanders in other key states such as California, Texas, Arizona, and Georgia.

Sanders spoke at the group’s “El Chisme 2020″ last year, where he promised to end ICE raids, impose a moratorium on all deportations from the United States, and extend Medicare for All and tuition-free college to illegal immigrants.

“We’re gonna end the ICE raids which are terrorizing communities all across this country,” Sanders told the group.

“We are gonna impose a moratorium on deportations,” he continued. “There are some things that a president can do with executive orders.”

“Let me also say something of which I have gotten into trouble and people will criticize me for,” he continued, reiterating his belief in providing Medicare for All and free college for illegal immigrants.


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