Amy Klobuchar Responds to Michael Bloomberg: My Family ‘Probably Could Go to TurboTax’

Democrat presidential hopeful Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) attempted to slam Democrat challenger former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg after he said it takes him a “long time” to get materials together to release his tax returns and claimed he “can’t go to TurboTax.”

“It just takes us a long time,” Bloomberg said Wednesday at the Democrat presidential primary debate held in Las Vegas, Nevada. “Unfortunately, or fortunately, I make a lot of money, and we do business all around the world. The number of pages will probably be in the thousands of pages.”

Klobuchar interjected after Bloomberg’s remarks and claimed she and her family “probably could go to TurboTax” to file their taxes each year.

“I’m just looking at my husband in the front row that has to, like, do our taxes all the time,” Klobuchar said. “We probably could go to TurboTax.”

“I believe in transparency. It came out well. We might all be surprised if my blood pressure is lower than Mayor Pete’s,” Klobuchar continued. “I think you should release your records from your physical. Secondly, when it comes to tax returns, everyone has released their tax returns, mayor.”

“I think it is a major issue because the President of the United States has been hiding behind his tax returns, even when courts have ordered that he come forward with those tax returns,” Klobuchar said.

“I don’t care how much money anyone has,” Klobuchar concluded as she addressed Bloomberg once more. “I think it’s great you have a lot of money, but I think you’ve got to come forward with your tax returns.”

Tim O’Brien, a Bloomberg campaign adviser, said Tuesday that the New York billionaire would release his tax returns and sell his media and information company should he be elected president.

“There will be no confusion about any of his financial holdings blurring the line between public service and personal profiteering,” O’Brien stated. “We will be 180 degrees from where Donald Trump is on these issues.”

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