Mike Pence: Spring Break Travel in United States Safe Despite Coronavirus Outbreak

Spring Break
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Vice President Mike Pence reassured Americans on Monday at the White House that travel for Spring break within the United States was still safe.

“Well I can say there’s been no recommendation about any limitations on travel within the United States of America,” Pence said.

Washington Post reporter Ashley Parker asked Pence whether he would feel comfortable taking his own family and grandchildren to Disneyland.

“I travel across this country all the time, my kids live all over the country,” Pence said.

Pence called for Americans to use “common sense” when planning their activities.

“Look, this is a time to use common sense, a good time to wash your hands, and this time of year, that’s always a good decision,” he said.

Pence and public health officials repeated that the coronavirus risk to the American public remains low.

“We want people to go about and live their normal lives,” Center of Disease Control Director Robert Redfield said.

He warned travelers, however, to reconsider travel to South Korea, Italy, and Japan on top of bans on travel to China and Iran.

Redfield said he would rapidly increase surveillance of the virus, which would likely increase the number of cases.
“This is an all-hands deck effort,” Pence said.

The vice president promised that he and the coronavirus team would continue to brief the public about the ongoing fight against the virus.

“We’ll be back here every day,” he said.


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