Bishop: Dems Cannot Claim Morality Since They Support ‘Infanticide’

pro-abortion protest
Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

Tennessee bishop Rick Stika ridiculed claims by the Democrats that they will “bring back morality” to the country, given their support for “unrestricted abortion and infanticide.”

“How can a political party state that their election will bring back morality to the United States when the party is now in favor of unrestricted abortion and infanticide?” asked the bishop of Knoxville on Twitter late Tuesday.

The bishop also called out the hypocrisy of those who claim to be opposed to wealth yet spend millions on their campaigns. Bernie Sanders, for instance, has raised a record $46M for his campaign this month yet constantly excoriates millionaires.

“How about the two billion that will be spent on electing a President. Moral?” Bishop Stika asked.

The Knoxville bishop, who is no fan of Donald Trump, has repeatedly expressed his horror over the Democrats’ full embrace of abortion up to birth.

In February, 2019, for example, Bishop Stika slammed Democrats as “the party of infanticide” after they blocked anti-infanticide legislation in the Senate.

Thanking President Donald Trump “for his words regarding the slaughter of babies in the womb” in his 2019 State of the Union address, the bishop added that the response of the Democrats “demonstrates that they are the Party of Infanticide.”

History will one day see them like the Democrats of the Civil War era “who believed slaves were not human,” the bishop added.

In a separate tweet, Bishop Stika noted that he is not a full supporter of the president, “but when he attacks the Party of Infanticide and the slaughter of babies not yet born I say thank you!”

Last September, the bishop was at it again, decrying the hypocrisy of those who condemn the use of blackface yet still support Planned Parenthood, which was founded to purge the world of “inferior races.”

“I just don’t understand in this world of political correctness and so many attacking others because of blackface in the past,” the bishop tweeted. “The folks like the Democratic Party support Planned Parenthood. It was founded by a racists [sic] who who wanted to eliminate people of color and the poor.”

Stika said he was appalled that Hillary Clinton accepted the Margaret Sanger award, given Sanger’s well-known racism.

“This evil organization gives an award named for is racists [sic] founder that Hillary received and she said she was proud to receive it,” the bishop said.

And last November, Stika, following an early Democrat presidential primary debate, said the participants were “shameless” in their radical support of abortion.

“The Democrats on the stage tonight are shameless in their promotion of the ability to deny children the right to life,” he tweeted.

The bishop also criticized the debate moderators for not pressing the candidates on how extreme they are on the issue, especially regarding sex-selective abortion.

“I wish they would be asked if they would support a woman’s right to abort her daughter because she wanted a son,” he said.


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