Andrew Yang’s Nonprofit Will Distribute Checks to U.S. Households

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Former presidential candidate Andrew Yang announced on Friday that his Humanity Forward nonprofit, through its Coronavirus Relief Fund, will distribute at least $1 million in cash aid to working families in New York and across the country during the coronavirus pandemic.

Yang’s Humanity Forward Coronavirus Relief Fund plans to distribute at least $1 million in aid to 1,000 households “consisting of the working poor in the Bronx” in response to the impacts of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic:

According to the press release, “Recipients are clients of the financial empowerment nonprofit, Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners, and will receive $1,000 within the next two weeks.”

Additionally, Humanity Forward will partner with the nonprofit One Fair Wage (OFW) to “supplement their OFW Emergency Coronavirus Tipped and Service Worker Support Fund across New York”: “Humanity Forward will help OFW raise funds for the program and assist in the implementation of the payment to service workers across NYC who have been adversely impacted by the COVID-19 crisis and resulting economic shutdown.”

“The coronavirus outbreak has absolutely devastated local economic activity, and working families are feeling it most,” Yang, who championed the concept of a Universal Basic Income (UBI) as part of his presidential campaign, said in a statement.

“Many feel like they don’t have money for groceries or rent, even as their child’s school shuts down. Our goal is to get money into their hands as quickly as possible so they can focus on keeping themselves and their families healthy,” he continued.

“This is exactly what our government should do, and we are doing it now so that families can get relief as quickly as possible,” he added.

The Humanity Fund also announced its intention to provide “micro-grants” of $250-$500 to individuals who request emergency aid from Humanity Forward on social media.

“At least $100,000 will be given in micro-grants of $250 or $500 directly via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram,” the release stated:

“100% of every additional dollar that Humanity Forward raises for its fund will go directly to an American in need,” the release added:

Yang’s move comes as the White House works with lawmakers to craft an economic rescue package, which contains, at the approval of the Trump administration, cash payments to individual Americans.

As Breitbart News reported:

Cash for Taxpayers. The direct cash payments go to taxpayers based on 2018 tax returns. Individuals will receive up to $1,200, with the amount scaling down for individuals earning $75,000 or more. Those earning more than $99,000 will be ineligible.

More for Families. Married couples will get up to $2,400 and an additional $500 for every child. Payments decline after $150,000 of income, with the cap placed at $200,000.

The bill is still under negotiation.


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