Planned Parenthood Seeks Donations of Protective Medical Equipment for Abortions During Pandemic

Members of the 'Planned Parenthood' women's rights group protest against the 'Stupak Ammen

Planned Parenthood is requesting donations of personal protective equipment (PPE) for its staff as the group demands elective abortions continue during the coronavirus crisis in the United States.

In an email message to supporters, Sue Dunlap, president of the group’s Los Angeles affiliate, wrote Planned Parenthood needs:

Supplies for our clinics –– In order to keep our patients, staff, and sites moving through this emergency, we need all of the same supplies you are hearing about on the news.  As gloves, masks, and medications run low, we are doing all that we can to procure supplies for the essential care our community is depending on us to provide.

The abortion giant is also requesting donations for “hardware like laptops, phones, and hotspots that we hope will remain functional in the worst of scenarios” to ramp up its “remote call center.”

Additionally, Planned Parenthood is requesting donations to its “Emergency Relief Fund for our almost-500 coworkers in order to help them cover groceries, child care, or any other expenses they are incurring while working and supporting Planned Parenthood patients through this difficult time.”

The organization vows it has “dramatically increased the cleaning and security presence at all of our sites,” adding it has endured “a disturbing increase in attacks and threats from anti-choice extremists.”

Planned Parenthood Keystone has also requested protective medical equipment such as “hand sanitizer, home-sewn masks, shoe covers, and surgical hats,” as reported by the Daily Caller:

“In uncertain times like this, Planned Parenthood is as committed to patients as always,” the group said. “We will provide as many people as possible with the critical sexual healthcare they need to stay safe and healthy.”

Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood continues to sue states that have suspended all elective surgeries, including abortions, during the pandemic in order to preserve PPE for healthcare workers caring for victims of the coronavirus.

Though Planned Parenthood refers to abortion as a “choice,” at a time when all medical equipment has been needed for healthcare workers treating patients with the coronavirus infection, the group is now claiming elective abortion is “essential.”


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