Watch: Cardinal Dolan Welcomes Donald Trump to Livestream Mass and Sends Birthday Blessing to the First Lady

Saint Patrick's Cathedral NYC

Cardinal Timothy Dolan on Sunday welcomed President Donald Trump to his livestreamed mass from St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City.

“I’ve been advised that our former neighbor up the street is worshiping with us livestream,” Dolan said at the beginning of his sermon on Sunday. “Welcome Mr. President.”

St. Patrick’s Cathedral is on 5th Avenue, just five blocks from Trump Tower in New York City.

Dolan reassured President Trump the country continued to pray for him daily, as he led the United States through the coronavirus pandemic.

He said:

Mr. President, St. Paul in the Bible exhorts us to pray for our leaders and that we do every Sunday, and in these trying days especially it’s one nation under God, beseeching the Almighty’s guidance and strength upon you and your administration as well as on our state and local leadership. Our country’s enduring humble creed, in god we trust, yes it’s being tested yet it remains our rock and our fortress.

Dolan also wished a birthday blessing for First Lady Melania Trump, as Sunday was April 26.

“There might be a lot of disagreements in our country as there is in any vibrant democracy, but boy do we all agree that we have an exceptionally gracious and effective First Lady,” he said. “And give her our best.”

President Donald Trump on Saturday announced on Twitter he would watch the Sunday Mass celebrated online at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

The president has joined many church services of all faiths online in recent weeks, expressing solidarity with those barred from attending to help stop the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

“I watched on Sunday online and it was terrific by the way, but online is never going to be like being there,” he said during a Fox News interview in March.


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