Exclusive–Scott Walker Blasts ‘Incompetent’ Joe Biden: Barack Obama Didn’t Support Him ‘Until There Was No Other Choice’

Kyle Olson / Breitbart News

Former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker told Breitbart News on Friday he believes the 2020 election will be a “referendum on coronavirus.”

“Up until a couple months ago, I think [President Trump] was in good shape. The economy was booming, we had a tremendous impact here, but I think it will be not only how did he handle the health side of it, but how does he get people back to work,” Walker exclusively told Breitbart News.

Walker believes Trump is, “like most of us, he’s conflicted between fear of what could happen if things came back again stronger, combined with the frustration over the economy.”

How Trump balances those will be the “deciding factor” in the election, Walker argued, more so than who his opponent is.

“When people look back at this in November and say, the whole world suffered this, this wasn’t unique to the United States, certainly wasn’t unique to Wisconsin, this president took it seriously, but then he had a serious plan to get us back to work that maintained our safety while restoring the health of our nation’s economy, I think that’s going to be the key to his success,” Walker said.

“It is remarkable to think about all the backlash this president gets, not only from politicians, but from many segments of the media who are more worried about trying to bring him down than they are about actually trying to solve this multiple-aspect crisis,” he said.

Walker encouraged Trump’s campaign to “take some of those clips from Democrat governors and Democrat mayors who said good things about the president and vice president and others and I’d plug them in a video.”

When asked how a “President Biden” would be handling the situation, Walker just sighed.

“This guy is so incompetent, it almost escapes words,” Walker lamented.

“Barack Obama didn’t endorse his own vice president until the nomination process was over and Bernie Sanders had gotten out himself and endorsed Biden,” he said.

“The guy that worked the closest with him for eight years didn’t feel compelled to support him until there was no other choice,” Walker said.

“To me, that’s like, when we were kids on the playground, when everybody else was picked, the only kid left is somehow saying he was endorsed by the captain of the team makes no sense whatsoever,” he said.

Walker believes “even Democrats are thankful he’s not in charge right now.”

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