Watch: Security Forcefully Ejects Silent Protesters From Michigan House Gallery

Michigan House protesters
MIRSNews/Twitter, Screenshot

Three protesters made their way into the gallery of the Michigan House of Representatives on Wednesday, which was closed to the public, and were forcefully removed by security in a tense scene.

MIRS News, a Lansing insider media service, posted video of the removal of the protesters, who had initially been silently demonstrating:

One woman could be heard shrieking as four masked security guards converged.

“You are not allowed to touch her!” another protester demanded.

The woman kicked her legs, dangerously close to the railing. She continued to wail as the guard attempted to wrestle her away. The other protester was forced out of the chamber.

“Don’t fucking touch me!” she demanded, which went ignored.

“Hey, that’s not necessary, you guys,” another woman said.

“You guys don’t listen,” a guard said at the door.

The video ends as the woman who was grabbed said she was “assaulted.”

MIRS reported the gallery is “closed to the public today to allow for space to be given to members and press.”

The House is considering whether to extend Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s (D) state of emergency, which allows her to issue stay-at-home regulations.

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