Journalist Kurt Eichenwald Demands ‘Perp Walk’ for Joe Biden Accuser: ‘I Literally Hate Tara Reade’, ‘Rot in Hell’

Kurt Eichenwald

Author and journalist Kurt Eichenwald took to Twitter on Saturday to post a lengthy screed against Joe Biden sexual assault accuser Tara Reade.

Over a series of 32 tweets, Eichenwald attacked Reade, who has recently accused Biden of assaulting her in 1993.

“Tara Reade is a liar,” Eichenwald said in his first tweet, in which he also revealed he himself is a victim of a violent rape:

“Her attention seeking or corrupt performance has demeaned people who have been actual victims,” he said.

Eichenwald went on to accuse “Bernie Bros and Republicans and Russians” of using the alleged attack on Reade to “be just something to exploit as a political tactic.”

“Not only should she be ignored in perpetuity, she should be condemned and – if she actually filed a police report recently – arrest her,” he wrote in a fourth tweet.

Eichenwald proceeded to go into great detail about a rape he said he suffered in the “early 1980s,” before refocusing his ire on Reade, and called her a “horrible woman dining out on others’ pain for attention or to advance her political interests in Bernie or to appease the man she praised forever – Putin – until she realized that looked bad in this circumstance so she stopped.”

He then went on to say how Reade should be behaving:

You either get to the point where you are able to discuss it – which I did only in recent years – and say everything you can, or you say nothing. You don’t make up a story that minimizes it when *no one asked.* (And yes, her first story was made up – even if it is true – because of how dramatically different her second story is. A nuclear bomb cures the measles, and that is what you discuss. Rape overwhelms fears of harassment. )

Eichenwald went on to pick apart what he believes are inconsistencies in Reade’s accounting of the incident, and then declared:

I literally hate Tara Reade. I do not know what motive or mental illness she has that led to this nonsense, but I know she is aware that this is a lie. And I hate the media on this.

Despite the constant changing stories and motives, to make it “Biden must prove this thing from someone who is not credible in any way, who said she considered reporting to counselor but chickened out, filed a report that said the rape but, when it might be revealed, say THAT was when she chickened out and didn’t report it.”

How is it POSSIBLE than the media thinks its valid to press someone on something like this that has so little credibility?

Eichenwald determined the story has “gone on too long.”

“And as for you Tara, please know: You will be getting the attention you so dearly crave, and hopefully it will be when you have your perp walk for filing a false police report recently. Real victims are also not toys for you to gain attention or political goals,” he wrote.

“Rot in hell.”

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