Joe Biden Campaign Finally Seeks a Pro After Months of Disastrous Live Streams

Former vice president Joe Biden speaks to guests at the United Food and Commercial Workers' (UFCW) 2020 presidential candidate forum on October 13, 2019 in Altoona, Iowa. With 1.3 million members the UFCW is America's largest private sector union. The 2020 Iowa Democratic caucuses will take place on February 3, …
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The Biden campaign is seeking a professional to handle its virtual presentations after months of disastrous live streams showing Joe Biden staring awkwardly at the camera, a sideways Cyndi Lauper, and honking geese drowning out the candidate.

The Washington Examiner was the first to bring attention to a job posting for an “Executive Producer for Livestreams”:

Our Executive Producer for Livestreams will manage our campaign’s live-streaming process from beginning to end. They’ll be in charge of taking our campaign’s strategic goals and turning it into live programming, while working with our production teams to ensure our productions run smoothly and error-free. Our Executive Producer for Livestreams will report to our Video Director.

The applicant will be responsible for “scripting,” as well as other aspects of the events.

Interested parties are required to have five to ten years of “experience in television, video production, or political campaigns.”

“Candidates who identify as members of historically underrepresented groups are highly encouraged to apply,” the posting read.

The move comes as Biden has suffered a series of awkward events beset by errors.

In May, the campaign attempted to hold a virtual rally with comedic consequences.

The video almost immediately glitched. As Biden strutted towards the out-of-focus camera, he said, “Did they introduce me? Am I on?”

As Biden attempted to address supporters, his words were garbled to the point of being indecipherable, and the glitching video made his face contort in awkward, unnatural ways:

In April, the Biden campaign hosted an appearance by 80s pop star Cyndi Lauper, and the singer appeared sideways before troubleshooting live for several minutes during the broadcast.

“Am I on?” she said, leaning into the camera after her introduction.

After receiving an affirmative response, Lauper thanked the Biden campaign for having her and touted her credentials to appear in the town hall before her husband entered to tell her that her camera was wrong.

“I want to get a better angle of you. You’re sideways,” he said.

“Oh, I’m sideways?” she responded. “Oh my goodness. Okay, so my camera is not doing great,” she said before the shot jostled wildly as she tried to fix the angle.

“Okay, how’s that?” she said as it was pointed at her chest before she sat down.

“But now you’re over my head,” Lauper said as she peeked out from the bottom of the frame.

“You’re frozen,” she said later. Are you frozen? You’re not frozen, are you?”

At the conclusion of his first virtual attempt, Biden was forced to apologize for the “disjointed effort.”

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