Hawkins: National Reciprocity Needed Amid Nationwide Riots

In this Aug. 29, 2016 photo, Marilyn Smolenski uses a mock gun to demonstrate how to pull a handgun out of an undergarment she designs for concealed carry at her home in Park Ridge, Ill. Interest in clothing that allow women to carry a firearm concealed is rising. Pioneers in …
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With riots in Democrat-run city after Democrat-run city, including violent attacks against police and private citizensnational reciprocity is perhaps more needed than ever.

Rep. Richard Hudson (R-NC) introduced national reciprocity legislation on February 3, 2017, the first day Congress convened following Donald Trump’s inauguration. The bill would have made a concealed carry license valid across state lines in the same way that a driver’s license is valid, which means a single mom with an Iowa carry permit driving through Chicago on her way to Wisconsin would have been able to keep a handgun with her to protect herself and her children.

Likewise, a father with an Oregon carry permit driving his children from Portland to Los Angeles and back would be able to keep a gun with him to protect himself and his kids.

The need for keeping such protection close at hand has never been clearer.

On May 30, 2020, Breitbart News reported that a Dallas man attempting to protect his business was beaten nearly to death by rioters.

Video of that attack on the business is gut wrenching:


Also on May 30, 2020, the Associated Press reported that Atlanta police were hurt when rioters “shot at [them] with BB guns and threw bricks, bottles and knives.”

The House of Representatives passed Hudson’s legislation on December 6, 2017, but the Republican-controlled Senate never took it up.

National reciprocity legislation was re-introduced in the Senate of January of 2019, sponsored by 32 Republican Senators, and Rep. Hudson reintroduced it in the House in January 2019 as well, but it did not gain momentum last year.

However, in 2020, safety concerns could create the momentum needed to get the legislation through. And the good news is President Trump made clear his belief in national reciprocity years ago.

On September 18, 2015, Breitbart News reported President Trump’s contention that concealed carry licenses should be treated like driver’s licenses and recognized throughout the country.

He said, “The right of self-defense doesn’t stop at the end of your driveway. That’s why I have a concealed carry permit and why tens of millions of Americans do too. That permit should be valid in all 50 states. A driver’s license works in every state, so it’s common sense that a concealed carry permit should work in every state. If we can do that for driving – which is a privilege, not a right – then surely we can do that for concealed carry, which is a right, not a privilege.”

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