Donald Trump on ‘Spoiled Rich’ Leftist Mobs: ‘Lock Them Up’

Demonstrators sit on a highway to block it, as protests triggered by the death of George Floyd while in police custody, continue on June 23, 2020, in Washington, DC. - US President Trump on his way to Arizona warned that protesters who attempted to establish an "autonomous zone" in the …

President Donald Trump on Tuesday repeatedly condemned the leftist mobs attacking historical monuments and rioting and looting in America’s major cities.

The president spoke to young supporters in an event organized by Students for Trump and TPUSA Action at a church in Phoenix on Tuesday afternoon.

As the president recounted a mob in Washington, DC, that tried to tear down a statue of Andrew Jackson in Lafayette Park near the White House, one person in the crowd shouted “Lock them up,” alluding to a famous chant about failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during President Trump’s campaign rallies.

Lock them up,” Trump repeated. “Yeah, lock them up.”

Trump praised law enforcement for immediately responding to the scene and pushing the mob out of the square.

“It was like a baby for them, it was just like a baby,” Trump said, describing the scene of the police versus the mob. “A lot of spoiled people in that group, a lot of spoiled rich people.”

The president reminded violent leftists that he would prosecute anyone found to be vandalizing or destroying federal property.

“I’ve also made clear that any rioters damaging federal property and defacing our monuments will face severe and lengthy criminal penalties,” he said. “Ten years.”


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