Orban Laments ‘Firestorm of Violence’ as Police Branded ‘Racist’ and ‘Humiliated on the Streets’


Hungary’s Viktor Orbán has lamented the “firestorm of violence” sweeping Western cities as police are branded “racist” and “humiliated on the streets and in political discourse”.

Speaking to police cadets taking their oaths at Buda Castle after graduating from the National University of Public Service, Prime Minister Orbán warned them that “the future which awaits you as members of the uniformed services does not offer the prospect of simplicity.”

“Surprising and disturbing developments are taking place,” Orbán explained in his speech, which has been seen by Breitbart London.

“The health systems of affluent countries collapsed in a matter of days. Rich countries have set out on the path towards financial collapse. An unprecedented firestorm of violence is sweeping through renowned cities,” he said.

“Armed organisations dedicated to maintaining order are being humiliated on the streets and in political discourse. Guardians of public order are being branded as racist. Public esteem for those in uniform is falling, along with public statues. The state and the law are withdrawing from the streets,” he lamented.

“It is important for you to recognise that Hungary is not such a country. It is important for you to recognise that it will not become such a country,” he added emphatically.

Orbán told the graduates to take heart, however, from the knowledge that they “can be sure that throughout every minute of your service you will feel that Hungary is behind you” — which officers in Western European and U.S. police forces cannot necessarily be sure of, given how many politicians and other public officials, including some police leaders, appear to have submitted to accusations of “systemic” or “institutional” racism.

Indeed, some Western politicians now are now actively supporting demands from Black Lives Matter supporters to defund or outright abolish police forces, with Lisa Bender, President of Minneapolis City Council in the United States, actually going so far as to say that people concerned about the fate of citizens subject to nighttime home invasions with no police to call were speaking “from a place of privilege”.

“No matter how much turmoil there is around us, we are still ruled by order in our heads, strength in our arms, and loyalty in our hearts. You can be sure that we shall never abandon our uniformed services,”  Orbán promised, vowing that his government would “honour, respect, and stand up for the people who risk life and limb for our safety and the peace of our homeland.”

“Here in Hungary every life matters. We love a world in which there is order, in which common sense reigns, in which the law protects the innocent and not criminals, in which we protect ourselves from migration, and in which we invest resources in the future of families and children… In your work may your hearts never falter, may you be loyal to your oath, and may you honour your fellow officers and superiors, and – above all – your homeland,” he concluded.

“Hungary before all else, God above us all! In your service I wish you much strength, health and great success.”

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