Illegal Alien Accused of Killing Retired Police Officer, Two Army Veterans

KCJ/Thin Blue Line LEMC

An illegal alien has been arrested after allegedly killing a retired police officer and two retired United States Army officers in a drunk driving crash.

Navejas Ivan Robles, a 28-year-old illegal alien upon whom the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency has placed a detainer, was arrested and charged by the Kerr County Sheriff’s Office on six counts of intoxication assault with a vehicle and three counts of intoxicated vehicular manslaughter.

According to police, Robles was driving drunk when he crashed into members of the Thin Blue Line motorcycle club — made up of active duty service members, law enforcement officers, and retired officers.

In the crash, Robles allegedly killed 48-year-old retired officer Joseph “GT” Paglia of Chicago, 74-year-old former airline pilot Jerry “Wings” Harbour of Houston, and 20-something retired U.S. Army officer Michael “Psycho” White of Chicago.

Nine other Thin Blue Line motorists were injured and are in critical condition.

“Please pray for the families of the three wonderful men that lost their lives so tragically and our members that were injured in this senseless and tragic accident. Pray for all of our leadership and members as we grieve with heavy hearts,” Thin Blue Line organizers wrote in a statement.

Robles was previously arrested in 2016 for drunk driving and for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, according to San Angelo Live.

Robles has been in the Kerr County Jail and bail has not been set yet. ICE has asked that Robles be turned over to their custody should he be released from jail at any time.

John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder.


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