Star Parker: Black Lives Matter Got ‘Success Sequence’ Billboards Pulled Down in Milwaukee

star parker

Star Parker’s organization, UrbanCURE — or Center for Urban Renewal and Education — recently posted billboards with several points anyone could follow to live a better life, only for them to be pulled down prematurely.

Parker told The Kyle Olson Show that the message, titled “Success Sequence,” was simple: “Tired of poverty? Finish School, Take Any Job, Get Married, Save & Invest, Give Back To Your Neighborhood.”

Parker said her group “fights poverty and restores dignity through messages of faith, freedom, and personal responsibility.”

She said because so many churches are closed in urban areas due to the coronavirus, UrbanCURE wanted to take the message directly to residents.

Parker said the Milwaukee chapter of Black Lives Matter “didn’t like it” and “went after our boards,” alleging they were racist and sexist.

“They told Clear Channel Outdoor,” the company that approved and posted the billboards, “that they will control messaging, that they will control narrative,” she alleged.

Parker claimed the Black Lives Matter activists obtained the phone numbers of the company representatives and they “terrorized those folks and threatened violence and threatened intimidation until the company pulled our billboards down.”

She argued BLM got Clear Channel Outdoor to breach three contracts with UrbanCURE and she alleged Black Lives Matter violated the law by interjecting themselves into her group’s contract with the company.

Parker rejected the idea that any messaging to the black community needs to first meet BLM’s approval.

WISN was producing a news story on the billboards and inadvertently captured the moment the company tore it down:

The news station talked to George Berkely, a local construction worker who understood the message.

“It sounds like something we’ve always been told,” a high school sophomore told WISN, adding she wants to be a pediatrician.

“So it’s important for me to finish school because I’m not going to be able to accomplish my goals if I don’t,” she said.

Clear Channel Outdoor told the news station that the ad “did not receive proper approvals” and “lacked appropriate attribution.”

Parker told The Kyle Olson Show UrbanCURE is looking to take legal action to continue spreading the message.

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