Watch — Trump Supporter: I’m a Single Lesbian Mom and ‘None of My Rights Have Been Taken’

A supporter of President Donald Trump who identified herself as a single lesbian mother pushed back on the leftist narrative that his administration is restricting fundamental rights.

“People have been saying left and right that he’s taking so many rights away from us. I’m a single lesbian mother in this community and in this country,” Trump supporter Toni Ferraro told Breitbart News, hours ahead of Trump’s Thursday rally in Jacksonville, Florida.

“None of my rights have been taken. None of my rights have been taken from me to where I can’t do what I do on a normal daily basis. It’s not going to happen,” she continued.

In terms of the mass riots across the country, the single mom said they are “not doing anything other than hurting their own communities.”

“It does nothing to affect the election. It does not affect the president. It doesn’t affect us as normal law-abiding citizens. All it does is hurt them in the end,” she explained.

“You know if they understood and actually read and educated themselves and realized the truth that was behind everything that is being done, I don’t think we would have as many riots and protests. Yes everybody’s upset. There are reasons to be upset and there’s reasons not to be upset,” she added. “We have a justice system for a reason.”

When asked about the “Defund the Police” movement, Ferraro said people should think about the “single mother that’s at home in her apartment with her four children” and trying to defend her family from looters and rioters.

“Who’s she going to call if we defund the police? Who’s she going to call? Because if the police aren’t there, nobody’s going to be there to help her and her innocent children,” she added, noting that Trump should continue to focus on law and order.


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