Diddy Launching Black Political Party: I Campaigned to Get Democrats Elected, They Didn’t Change the Reality for Black People

TALLAHASSEE, FL - NOVEMBER 05: Sean 'Diddy' Combs performs during the 'Bring It Home Midnight Rally' at Lawson Center on the campus of Florida A&M University on November 5, 2018 in Tallahassee, Florida. (Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images) *** Sean 'Diddy' Combs
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Multi-millionaire rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs is launching a black political party, saying that “white men like Trump need to be banished.” He also said he believes there will be a “race war” if President Trump wins re-election in November.

P. Diddy made the remarks in an interview with radio host Charlamagne Tha God for Revolt TV, the cable network that the rapper founded.

“If Trump gets elected, I really do believe in my heart there will be a race war,” the rapper said. “That’s why this message is not just the black people, you know, I’m saying this message is to everybody. This man is really trying to turn us against each other and put us in a situation. America messed up.”

He later said: “White men like Trump need to be banished. That way of thinking, it’s real dangerous. This man literally threatened the lives of us and our families.” P. Diddy didn’t elaborate on what he meant by “threatened the lives.”

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Diddy also expressed his disenchantment with the Democratic party establishment. “I played the game with the Democratic party. The people that I went and campaigned for, after they got elected, I don’t feel like they really did anything to change the reality of black people.”

The rapper tweeted Friday that the “number one priority is to get Trump out of office,” repeating that the country is “on the verge of a race war.”

He said he is launching black political party that is intended to draw people across the political spectrum. “It’s called @OurBlackParty, it doesn’t matter if you are Republican or Democrat,” he tweeted.

In the interview, the rapper acknowledged that President Trump’s campaign reached out to him.

“It’s like Trump’s camp tried to reach out. But my thing wasn’t how can i get one of them in office. My thing is how can I, in this black insanity of us continuing to be a part of a team that doesn’t love us, you know, how can we create our own team?”

P. Diddy claimed that neither Trump nor Biden has visited poor black communities on the campaign trail. President Trump visited Atlanta in September where he unveiled his “Platinum Plan” for investing in black neighborhoods and businesses, with the goal of three million new jobs.
P. Diddy expressed lukewarm feelings about Joe Biden: “You can say what you want about Biden. I can’t say I love to pick either, but hey, we got to get them in office and then we got to hold them accountable.”


Charlamagne Tha God asked P. Diddy about President Trump’s relationship with hip-hop artists who revered the New York billionaire prior to his becoming president.

“He would pop up at events. We respected him as a shrewd businessman. He definitely embodied the hip-hop spirit,” Diddy replied. “But God had different plans for him. God wanted to use him in this moment for change. He wanted to use Trump to expose the the the level of racism that’s been hidden.”

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