Antifa Protesters Shine Lights into Homes Shouting ‘Wake Up, Mother F**ckers’

Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters harass residents in their homes. (File Photo: Twitter Vide Screenshot)
File Photo: Twitter Vide Screenshot

Antifa protesters harassed residents of mid-rise homes in Vancouver, Washington, after police declared their “anti-capitalist,” “anti-police” event in Portland to be a riot. Antifa quickly left the northeast Portland business and residential area to cross the Columbia River into suburban Vancouver.

The Antifa group marched through the residential area late Saturday night shining lights into windows, beating drums, and shouting at the residents to “wake up mother-f*cker, wake up,” as seen in the tweet from journalist Andy Ngo.

The disrupters also went through a business district and smashed windows with a skateboard. In some cities, skateboards have been declared dangerous weapons by authorities.

Another video shows a group of Antifa protesters marching into a Vancouver residential neighborhood carrying Antifa and BLM flags. A group of counter-protesters carried a Thin Blue Line flag to support police.

BLM and Antifa protesters are increasingly taking protests from the business districts into residential neighborhoods and suburban communities, Breitbart News reports.

In Portland, Antifa protesters began rioting in a northeast business district. After police declared the demonstration to be a riot, the rioters quickly moved into nearby residential streets.

The night before, Antifa and BLM protesters moved from Portland to the neighboring suburb of Vancouver, Washington, and attacked restaurant patrons and harassed drivers in residential streets.

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