Man Hangs Mexican Flag from Trump Tower in Vancouver

A man in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, climbed to the top of the new Trump International Hotel and hung the Mexican flag to protest GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s immigration policy.

Man Hangs Mexican Flag from Trump Tower in Vancouver

Illegal Chinese Pork in Baby Formula Caught in Customs

On November 13, a traveler from China en route to the United States was caught at U.S. Customs preclearance with an illegal pork product hidden inside baby formula and milk powder containers.


Canada’s Left Pressures Conservatives to Take In More Migrants

Following the viral spread of images depicting the bodies of drowned Syrians on a Turkish beach–including a three-year-old boy named Alan Kurdi–the Canadian left has sprung to attention to decry what they describe as the Conservative government’s inaction towards assisting migrants and war refugees.

migrant children

Canadians Are Now ‘Snorting Chocolate’

Chocolate lovers in Vancouver have apparently found a new way to enjoy their chocolate treats. A candy store in that great Canadian city is now offering a snortable chocolate.