WATCH: Antifa Attacks Restaurant Patrons in Suburban Vancouver, Washington

Antifa brutally kicks a man on the ground in Vancouver, WA. (Twitter Video Screenshot)
Twitter Video Screenshot

A large group of Antifa protesters from Portland, Oregon, crossed the river into Vancouver, Washington, and attacked patrons of local restaurants. Protesters carried Antifa, and Black Lives Matter flags and signs.

A “large mob of BLM-antifa from Portland are marching through Vancouver, Wash,” journalist Andy Ngô tweeted. “They’ve attacked bar patrons on the way & confronted people at their homes.”

As the group entered a business district lined with restaurants and bars, Antifa brutally assaulted a man — kicking him repeatedly as he fell to the ground.

Another view of the vicious attack shows Vancouver residents coming to the man’s aid before he became seriously injured by Antifa.

Additional videos show the fight spreading to others outside a restaurant across the street.

Before attacking restaurant patrons, Antifa harassed other businesses in the district. The owner of one business came out and tried to move people away from his store.

Protesters eventually moved on to harass an armed man standing guard outside a bail bond business in Vancouver.

Police eventually arrived and surrounded the district in an effort to restore peace.

This appears to be part of a continuing strategy of Antifa and BLM to harass patrons of businesses and restaurants as proclaimed by a woman leading a BLM protest in Seattle, Breitbart News reported.

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