Franklin Graham: ‘Our Nation Is Under Attack from Within’

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As he honored the nation’s veterans Wednesday, Rev. Franklin Graham observed that America “is under attack – attack from within.”

“Today we honor all of our military veterans who have served to defend the freedoms of this nation, and the blood that has been shed for us and for future generations,” the Christian evangelist said in a post on Facebook. “We owe them a great debt.”

Graham, who has continually urged prayers for President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, continued:

It seems our nation is under attack—attack from within, from socialists who want to bring anarchy to our streets. The hard-won freedoms that we have enjoyed in America are very much at stake. Pray for the President, our Commander-in-Chief, as he leads the nation during these turbulent times, that God would give him wisdom, grace, and understanding for times such as these.

Today we honor all of our military veterans who have served to defend the freedoms of this nation, and the blood that…

Posted by Franklin Graham on Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Appearing on Newsmax TV’s America Right Now, Graham, the president of Samaritan’s Purse, a global humanitarian aid ministry, said he fears “an attack on Christian businesses, like we saw during the Obama administration,” if former Vice President Joe Biden wins the election.

Graham expressed his further concern about a Biden administration:

I think we will see these kind of attacks from the left against Christian businesses, Christian organizations, and that will happen. I think they will try to come after churches, attack churches, attack exempt organizations doing humanitarian work, social work throughout the country. Some of the best work in the country are the nonprofits that are working in the inner cities and throughout the country, trying to help relieve some of the problems we have in society.

“And they’ll want to tax them and try to close them down,” he said.

On the day after Election Day, Graham asked for prayers “for our nation and this election.”

“Many fear that some are trying to steal the election, so join me in praying that the will of God would be done,” he wrote. “Pray that the enemies of God would be quieted and that all their plans would be put to nothing.”


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