Sen. Bill Cassidy on Impeachment Trial Constitutionality: Democrat Managers Made ‘Compelling, Cogent Case’


Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) on Tuesday said the House Democrat Impeachment managers made a “compelling, cogent case” in arguing that it is constitutional to impeach former President Donald Trump post-presidency.

A transcript is as follows: 

SEN. BILL CASSIDY: The issues at hand is, is it constitutional to impeach a president who has left office. The House Managers made a compelling, cogent case and the president’s team did not.

REPORTER: How did that affect your decision?

SEN. CASSIDY: It speaks for itself.

REPORTER #2: Can you address the past precedent by Trump’s team?

SEN. CASSIDY: Trump’s team — I took notes, I always take notes, — but at one point I leaned over the Cruz and I said, “Cruz, are they talking to the point at hand?” And he goes, “Not now.” Because I was thinking maybe I’m missing something. Again, if I’m there as an impartial juror, respecting my oath of office to uphold the Constitution of the United States, and one side makes the argument and the other side makes everything but the argument, then to live with myself I have to make that vote.

REPORTER #3: Does that mean you are now open to conviction?

SEN. CASSIDY: I’ve always said I’m approaching this as an impartial juror.


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